FogWorx Slider RTA Pricing Issue, Beta Release VS Final Release

There has been a mass confusion with the pricing of our debut item the “FogWorx Slider RTA”



To explain the situation you will need to know back story.

The original factory we partnered with for our Slider design is selling a Beta version of our tank without our consent. They are only selling this version in parts of Asia where we have no legal jurisdiction.  However, they have been warned that any attempt to deal with American companies will receive a cease and desist notice.

So how did this happen?

Outside of production costs, any factory you deal with who is willing to follow your design will normally give you a few revisions before the final release. This is very much like any design company that makes logos.  You’d explain what you’re looking for and you’re entitled to a few adjustments.

Our issue was that every time we asked for an adjustment, something else would deviate that wasn’t part of the request. For example, when we asked for changes to beef up the connection posts, the posts would be changed from a clockwise to counter clockwise orientation. There are more examples of strange deviations to our design that were not requested. Unfortunately, these changes and revisions all cost money.

Up until the beta release, we told the company what still needed to be changed, they refused to go any further. Obviously, their complaint was that we asked for too many revisions and could not make up our minds. Our arguments are that their factory’s engineer was over complicating things by making changes on his own. The factory later explained this is because they kept reassigning different personnel to our project.
Again, still not our fault.  Needless to say, we decided not to deal with this type of unprofessionalism and switch production facilities.

What we did not anticipate is that they would sell our design in China, and even go as far as to send to some reviewers in Asia. We admit, this our first rodeo and as much heart and effort we put into our product and design we could not have foreseen this happening. You will be able to final the cheaper Beta Release of our tank on Both GearBest and Heaven’s Gift. Although they are working versions, there are many significant changes in standards. The Beta product is offered factory direct to an overseas retailer, hence the price difference.

Again there is nothing we can do about copying in China but in America, if you’d like to support your modder you can find the Final version here:

So what is the difference between the Final release and the Beta?

Here are some photos,

As shown in this photo, the tank itself and the box it comes in is supposed to be “Matchy – Matchy”

Although it was not our main intention to provide a box mod with a tank,
it is fairly obvious that you can choose to convert the box it comes with.
Our actual intention is presentation, because when the packaging is good you know our attention to detail is as well. We wanted the customer to have a nice box to keep accessories with our company logo on it as a reminder. It’s literally meant as a gift to keep as most boxes are usually opened and discarded.

The Beta version is painted with a clear coat. The stainless uses a Silver Mica paint and the Black uses Graphite Mica paint. This is hardly what we thought looks right. The Final Release version is a polished finish. The stainless version pairs with a mirror finish case. While the Gunmetal version is paired with a gunmetal case. The gunmetal color is blued into the metal.

It is important to know that these Betas come in Stainless or Black. Only the Final release version comes in Stainless or Gunmetal.

This is a close up of the two decks

In this photo, the Beta is on the Left and the Final is on the right.

Closer inspection you can see the Final release has larger ports in the connection posts. This is crucial to supporting all sorts of proper builds such as dual fused Clapton’s, Staple staggered builds and generally wider types of wire build in general. Interestingly enough the coils that come with the beta version do not fit the deck. The threading is also inconsistent on the Beta. FogWorx would never release something of this standard.

This is a side by side of the tank

This photo is to show the difference in overall craftsmanship.
You can see the Beta Version on the left with much slimmer and lighter etchings of the logo. The final release version on the right is done more properly and stands out significantly. From the outside of the tank, you can also see a difference in the gaskets that are used.




Different types of gasket used.

The Beta release version uses simple rubber O-Rings that are traditional to most atomizers.

The Final release version on the right uses solid upgraded gaskets that sit into the pyrex tank.

This not only seals and works better but also allows you to open your deck and check your build without the need to drain your tank.   This could not be achieved with normal O-Rings unless a cage is designed around the glass tube which would change the aesthetics of the atomizer in a way we believe most people would not agree with.  Full glass tank looks classier.

Copper Firing Pin


The Beta Release version uses a regular stainless firing pin.

The Final Release version uses a copper firing pin.

From metallurgy, we know that conductivity of
copper far exceeds the performance of stainless.

Again we can also see the difference in the quality of the laser etching.