FogWorx Debut Item – Slider RTA, ….Why Single Coil?

We felt that since the Kayfun there haven’t been many tanks that focus on efficiently using a single coil.
Granted dual coil systems can be very satisfying, but we efficiency is neglected.

So why single coils?

  • Single coil systems require less power to operate allowing more vape time
  • A higher resistance when using just a single coil resulting in the use of higher voltage.
  • Higher voltages setups tend to ramp up faster.
  • Single coils cool down faster and heat dissipation is essential to longer lasting juice and wicks.

Our RTA system intentionally comes with a pair of 2X24 36Ga 316SS Fused Clapton Coils.

 We want our kit to help everyone experience what a well-built single coil performs like.

If the coil is well-made and the tank’s air flow is well tuned from its reduced chamber to chimney diameter.
We’ve spent countless hours on getting the numbers right, from the diameter of all air flow ports, lengths of tube, how wide can we go within reason and finally perfection in vape performance.

We’ve achieved a beautifully dense, warm vape without flavor loss that is smooth, not harsh.
Along with a large 5.5ml tank and an extremely easy to build deck, it is an ideal daily device.
We hope you will notice all the heart and effort we put into this design.
We are not looking to flood the market with more of the same stuff,  our goal is to actively create the way we see fit and not follow the suit of anyone else.

Key Features:

  • Large Capacity 5.5 ml Pyrex Glass Tank.
  • Made of 304 Surgical Grade Stainless Steel.
  • Protruding adjustable Copper 510 Pin.
  • 25MM Diameter Atomizer.
  • Oval shaped airflow to match the coil’s native shape and orientation.
  • Ergonomic interchangeable 510 mouth piece /w Delrin base to reduce heat transfer.
  • Upgraded gaskets instead of basic O-rings allows coil accesses without draining the tank.
  • FogWorx’s “Drop-in” style single coil deck, super solid connection ideal for temp control.


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